Meditation by Nazarenes

The Nazarenes, made up of brothers Noah and Medhane Tewolde, now live in Europe and their new record. Meditation, not only reflects the journey of reggae - from Jamaica, to the Caribbean, to the world - but also invokes organic, contemporary connections between Jamaica, Africa and people everywhere. Meditation is not simply a reggae album, nor is it a tribute to a Caribbean sense of spirituality. Meditation is a testament to the distinct and enduring capacity of reggae as a building block for communication in a multi-cultural world.Opening with a meditative chant sung in English as well as ancient Ethiopic language of Ge'ez. The title track sets the tone for the album and offers a seamless image of what is to come: dub reggae woven together with lilting harmonies, rock riffs and pop melodies, triumphant horns and uplifting lyrics like those heard on the first two singles to be released, "Food" and "On My Way". Album includes collaborations with Midnite and Lutan Fyah Cumulatively, Me

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