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Nemozian Rasta by Midnite I Grade

Nemozian Rasta by Midnite I Grade

The first Midnite I Grade collaboration, the CD features 13 songs written and co-produced by Midnite lead singer, Vaughn Benjamin and 3 songs written and performed by Dezarie. Other members of Midnite on the CD include keyboardist and band-leader Ronnie Benjamin and bassist/drummer Phil Merchant. Working alongside these talented musicians is I Grade Records production/recording team: guitarist/producer Laurent "Tippy" Alfred and bassist Kenyatta Itola.

Nemozian Rasta includes such hits as "Most High", "Bless", "Black Congo", "Esta Es the Truth" and "Enough for Everyone." With 16 conscious songs performed by two talented songwriters and recorded over a variety of riddims -- ranging from classic roots to dancehall to hip hop -- Nemozian Rasta is a truly unique listening experience.
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